Person in jacket with canyon background

Hello, my name is Kyle Brennan. I am a current student, musician and employee at Baby Acapulco. My major is mass communication with a focus in digital media innovation and I'm minoring in writing. Recently I moved to Austin after living in San Marcos for 6 years mostly because it felt like the most logical step. During my time in San Marcos I played in different musical projects and have explored this awesome area known as the hill country. San Marcos lends itself to a lot of artistic and outdoor acvtivity which has made it a great home for me.

I grew up in a town near Dallas called Coppell where I attended New Tech High @ Coppell. Most of my time at Texas State, other than class work and my job, is spent playing music. I joined the music fraternity Phi Mu Aplha Sinfonia in Spring 2017, which provided me with many friends and musical connections. I love attending local shows around town and supporting the local music scene. Right now I am working at Baby Acapulco, a tex-mex restaurant in Austin.

One of my favorite projects I've ever done in school was in Visual Storytelling. The final project was a documentary on any topic of your choice. My topic was the songwriter's circle night held at Cheatham Street Warehouse. I was paired up with one of my friends which added to the fun, but it was the most fulfilling project I've done in school and probably the one I worked the hardest on. The project led me to consider documentray filmmaking as job I can strive for. I've embedded the documentary I made below!