Me playing bass with my old band Atrox Box for a gig at Kiva.

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I have a lot experience playing in different genres with different people. One of my favorite activities is getting together with musicians or friends just to jam and see what comes out. I am also a big fan pf songwriting in general and trying to be creative. For me it is very important to cross between genres, styles and groups of people. This is a value I will attempt to teach through my philosophy of playing music!

Most of my experiences have been in bands with people I’ve met throughout college. Music for me has always been a great way of meeting different people and interacting with them in an interesting, fun way. The bands I’ve been in have always felt like family in a sense, since usually you arrive together and leave together and you’re having fun the whole time. I have experience in jazz/hip-hop fusion, rock, funk, noise and some experimental stuff. My personal goal has always been to come up with something great and have fun doing it.